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Brutus was a close friend and servant of Julius Caesar who happened to be in the Roman Senate. When Caesar was declared dictator for life, the Senate was no longer in the position of authority. Brutus was convinced by other members of the Senate, particularly Cassius, that Caesar was going to destroy the Roman Republic. Reluctantly,  Brutus relented and went along with this plot.  The plot was executed on March 4, 44 AD.  It did not go as planned for Brutus. The senator, who had just killed his friend for the good of Rome, almost immediately regretted the decision. Having been injured in the attack himself, Brutus watched as the state was plunged into civil war.  After taking such drastic measures to save Rome, Brutus and his conspirators were forced in exile to Crete.  As a result of the poor advice from his colleagues, and by making the decision to save his country rather than his friend, Brutus had become irrelevant to the state.  In the end, Caesar and the Republic both perished.

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