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Why was the Boston Massacre important?

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The Boston Massacre was a very significant event for a few reasons.  For the first time since the colonists began to disagree with the British, blood was shed as a result of an action that occurred in the colonies.  The spilling of blood can be a turning point in a relationship.  While people may disagree on something, when death results, it becomes a whole new ball game. For some colonists, it was clear to them after the Boston Massacre, that the conflict with Britain could only end with war.  Another factor regarding the Boston Massacre was it showed the colonists how the British felt about them. The British had very young soldiers in the colonies.  They weren’t very experienced in dealing with life events.  Thus, instead of being able to deescalate the events of that night, these soldiers escalated the situation making things worse than they needed to be. By not sending older and more experienced soldiers to the colonies, the British were indirectly telling the colonists they really didn’t care about them or think very highly about them. The Boston Massacre was a very critical event in relationship between the British and the colonists.

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