Why was Bismarck considered the "greatest chess player of his generation"?

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Otto von Bismarck was considered the "greatest chess player of his generation" not because of his chess skills but for his use of realpolitik. Realpolitik is, simply, a system of political principles based in pragmatism rather than ideology or morality. Bismarck used realpolitik to take Prussia from a small but influential German kingdom to the heart of a new German nation. He employed manipulation to provoke wars between smaller countries, most notably in the Schleswig-Holstein incident, to expand the sphere of Prussia within the rest of Germany. Realpolitik was also employed domestically. Even though he was not a socialist, Bismarck created pensions and other forms of social insurance to appease the masses and prevent revolution from below. In employing this approach to politics, he was often compared to a chess player capable of outwitting other rulers in Europe and thinking many moves ahead.

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