Why was the Berlin Wall detrimental to Germany? What are some reasons why?

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The Berlin Wall was detrimental to Germany in that it separated families.  The Soviets, worried about a drain of ability and anti-Soviet information to the Western side, built the wall.  The Soviets picked all industrial equipment out of East Germany and brought it back to Russia.  They did not fix the buildings that were pockmarked with shells from the war.  The economy in East Germany was terrible.  This contrasted with West Germany, which was rebuilt by the occupying British, French, and American armies.  These soldiers spent money in the area, thus creating more jobs.  West Germany received money from the Marshall Plan in order to rebuild.  By the end of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was a literal symbol of the conflict between America and the Soviet Union.  It was thick and impenetrable, and it slowed down Germany's economic growth.  

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