Why was Attean excited about the story of Noah?

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Once Matt finished reading Attean Robinson Crusoe, he began to read to him from the only other book he had, the Bible. One of the biblical stories that Matt read to Attean was the story of Noah.

Attean listened excitedly to the story. Once Matt finished reading, Attean explained his excitement. Attean could relate to the story and was smiling about the connection he felt to it. The Indian Beaver tribe of which Attean and Saknis were a part had a similar story. The fact that both the boys had similar cultural stories made Attean happy. Gluskabe was the name of the Indian spirit who made the rain, the storms, the animals and all people. There was a story featuring him in which a flood covered all of the land.

The connection the boys shared over the story and Attean's excitement about it caused Matt to wonder if there were more stories that the Indian and white man had in common.

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