Why Is Antony's Speech More Effective

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Part of the reason why Antony's speech was more effective than Brutus's speech can be seen from a historical perspective. Here is a little background.

Caesar was considered a populares. This was one of the two political factions in Rome during this time. The other was called the optimates. The populares favored the poorer people and their base of support came from the lower classes, which was the majority of the population of Rome. So, when Antony is speaking to the people, he is actually speaking to people who love Caesar to some extent. They have seen his benefits.

Also the speech itself underlines two important qualities of Caesar, namely his love for the poor and his generosity. Moreover, it shows of the greatest qualities of Caesar - his mercy or in Latin (clementia).

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This is because Antony knows how to feel the pulse of the mob. He knows that the common people are swayed not by the cold logic or reasoning but by basic sentiments. He knows how to turn the tide against his enemies. Being a wonderful orator, he arouses sympathy fo Caesar, his conquests, his love for the common men. He deliberately reads Caesar's will and makes the people feel them as the 'heirs' of Caesar.All these things lacked in Brutus' speech.

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