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Why Walmart is good for America?

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The prices would be the primary reason why Wal- Mart is good for America.  It seems that the cost of goods is the reason why people believe in the store and the reason why many are attracted to it.  The concept of the "superstore" where everything under the sun is under one roof is another reason why people love Wal- Mart.  I think that these two ideas have helped to make Wal- Mart a part of the American landscape, something that can be exported all over the world.  It seems that for both economic and physical convenience, many are willing to close an eye or two to some of its practices, instead embracing what it can offer to them and save for them.

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Although many people say that Wal-Mart is bad for America, you can actually argue that it is very good for most Americans.

The reason for this is that the story gives Americans the goods that they want at prices that are really quite low.  To many Americans, that is very important.  Most Americans are quite eager to get various kinds of goods without having to pay a lot for them.  If this were not true, Wal-Marts would be closing all over the place and people would shop at places that were more expensive.

So Wal-Mart gives us what we want-- it allows us to save money.

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