Why is it useful to consider both unfavorable risks and favorable uncertainties as part of the project planning process?

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I think that in the interests of full transparency both risks and uncertainties have to be included in the project planning process.  In my mind, the moment where disclosure of both risks and uncertainties would be the most pressing would be in potentially securing financing from different sources.  There is a very good chance that garnering these revenue streams are going to be outside of the specific business realm.  These outsiders must have a full grasp of the situation into which their capital is going to be invested.  Full disclosure is a critical part of this process.  Capitalism's fundamental premise is the idea that the marketplace is secure enough to sustain continued investment throughout time.  This is threatened if the belief or hint of impropriety is evident in garnering capital.  Full transparency in one of the few ways to ensure that capital is always generated on a steady and consistent basis.