Why is it unwise for Ralph to discuss the beast at an evening assembly?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The evening is no time for discussing scary or threatening subjects with the boys.  The very little boys, and some of the older ones too, are afraid of night time on the island, without the comfort of their parents and the secure walls of their home to protect them  The jungle and its twisty, snake-like creepers becomes even more dark and shadowy, and to a child's imagination, could hold all sorts of horrible things, like 'beasties' and 'snake things.' 

Ralph would not want to bring up the subject of the beast at night mostly because the littluns also attend the assemblies and are very frightened of the idea of the beast.  Ralph understands that they have nightmares on a regular basis; he hears them in the shelter of the huts, twisting and whimpering in their sleep.  Ralph's reluctance to discuss the beast at night and his concern for the littluns reveals much about his character; he shows compassion and brotherly concern for the younger boys' well-being.

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