Why is traveling to Canberra, Australia an important experience in terms of national identity, Australian history and the workings of democracy?

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Canberra is a separate district from any Australian territory and serves as the national capital of Australia.  It is the center of the federal government and where citizens can witness democracy in action.  Canberra is where the Parliament House is located and all of the laws are passed.  The residence of the Governor-General, which is the head of the state is also located in Canberra as is the High Court, the most important court and building of the judiciary.  Two important military academies are also located in the capital city as well as two major universities.

Aside from the obvious importance of the city as the head of government, Canberra is also a cultural center.  Visitors can visit the national museums of history which includes relics and information about Australia as a British commonwealth, as well as information about the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. Like Washington DC in the United States, the capital city is home to monuments that celebrate the accomplishments from the past including war memorials and dedications to important politicians.  The art museums and galleries also allow visitors to better understand the heritage and culture of Australia.