Why is it titled Say Goodnight, Gracie if the main character's name is Morgan?Where did the title come from?

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George Burns and Gracie Allen, who were married to each other, were famous comedians who started in vaudeville and had their own radio show for many years. Gracie always played a dumb women and George played the straight man, asking her questions which she would answer in a zany way to make the audience laugh. Towards the end of each radio program, George would tell her, "Say goodnight, Gracie." The implication was that he wanted her to stop being such a chatterbox and that she was such an airhead that he always had to tell her what to do. The title you are asking about obviously is quoting George Burns familiar closing line on the radio show. (After Gracie died, George Burns went on to become a fairly successful movie actor. He lived to be almost a hundred years old. He played God in a 1977 movie titledOh, God!and two sequels.) I hope this information is helpful.

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