Why are Titania’s declarations of love for Bottom so amusing?

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Bottom and Titania are an unlikely pair whose relationship is the result of fairy tricks. After Puck gives Bottom the head of an ass and Oberon gives Titania the "love juice" in her sleep, Titania awakens and falls instantly in love with the odd-looking weaver. According to the study guide, "Bottom’s clownish qualities come forth in full force" in this scene. "Instead of being frightened by his new situation as Titania’s lover, he quickly accepts it as something odd but something he can quickly adjust to. . . . The humor is in his instantaneous decision to fill the role of her beloved." The other humorous aspect, of course, is the behavior of the queen of the fairies. Until the potion's spell, she showers a man with an ass's head with passionate kisses and caresses. 

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