Why is Tiny Tim's "God bless us every one" so affecting in the context of the story A Christmas Carol?

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Tiny Tim, the youngest member of the Cratchit family and the one who dealt with physical handicaps and poor health, reveals himself to be the most generous and loving of all the family members in his comment.

Bob Cratchit sets the pattern when he begins the toast. "'A Merry Christmas to us all, my dears. God bless us!' Which all the family reechoed" means the echoed responses by the others would have been "God bless us!" Only Tiny Tim expands the response by adding the "every one," his emphasis that no one is to be left out.

Coming from Tiny Tim, the one who was often left out because of his delicate condition and the one who was in danger of not being present to celebrate another Christmas, his comment emphasizes the love and joy of sharing family time with others that was so lacking in Scrooge's existence. The extra two words remind every reader of the story that the blessings of Christmas are meant to be extended to all persons, every one of them, everywhere.


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