Why did Timothy chose the highest point on the island to put their camp?

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Timothy was a very wise man to put their camp on the highest point of the island.  This was done mainly to increase their chances of survival.  By going to the highest point on the island, they could signal to people that they are trapped on the island.  By spelling the word "help", and placing it at the highest point of the island, if a plane were to fly by, the pilot could see the message and send for help.  Since this island was in the Caribbean, there was always the chance of a hurricane arriving.  By being at the highest point of the island, they would increase their chances of surviving the storm.  Floods are always a concern with a hurricane.  The further away they were from the water, the lower the chances of them being killed by a flood.  In addition, they could place their water jug high on a tree.  By being higher up on the island, the chances of having fresh water were increased in case of a storm.  While Timothy may not have had a very good formal education, he was well educated in certain life skills, such as how to survive if stranded on a remote island.  Timothy was a very wise man, something Philip eventually came to realize and appreciate.

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