Why time does not run inside a black hole?ITs mechanism

astrosonuthird | Student

Time travels slower in greater gravitational mass by the theory of twin paradox.

science geek | Student

A black hole is infinite dense and infinite small, so there is no such thing as 'inside a black hole'.

An object in a gravitational field experiences a slowing down of time, called gravitational time dilation, relative to observers outside the field.
You can never quite see anything falling into the black hole because of the extreme gravitational red shift caused by the gravity of the black hole.

Let's assume there are 2 stupid astronaut who went close to a black hole, and 1 of them is sucked in. The one who get sucked in has his watch running normally, went straight through the event horizon and torn into pieces, then smashed right onto the center singularity.
The lucky astronaut outside the event horizon will see the unlucky one approaching the event horizon, getting slower and slower, but will not go into the event horizon due to the gravitational time dilation. He will only see the unlucky astronaut, who should be dead by now, stuck just outside the event horizon, turns redder and dimmer, but never goes in.

Last of all, all we have for black holes are theory, and a few evidence, but nothing conclusive, such as the observation of a event horizon.

astrosonuthird | Student

Time do not run inside a blackhole because it has too much of mass thus slowing the time down.

astrosonuthird | Student

What is so special about the pyramid?

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Does anyone has better answers?

astrosonuthird | Student

Sorry! I didn't understand your answer!!


Can you explain in brief.

astrosonuthird | Student

We don't see time, we feel time.


Psychological arrow of time.

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No! How can it be?


We don't live under the sea.

But time goes under the sea.


I don't understand, time is always going................

generalcody | Student

nah i just realised im talking nonsense 



generalcody | Student

what about when you travel at light speeds, than youll see something wont you?

generalcody | Student

i dont know what im saying is true but time is all based on light and when we see it, so obviously if light cant escape from a black hole then there is no visible time. but yes there could be some form of time which is way beyond here.


akshaygoel96 | Student

because we are not living inside the black hole