Why is this narrow strip woodland so jealously guarded by the von gradwitz family?

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Ulrich von Gradwitz claims ownership to the narrow strip of land. He guards is carefully because Georg Znaeym refuses to accept that Ulrich owns the narrow strip of land. Georg and Ulrich have feuded for years over the narrow strip of land. In fact, Georg's family and Ulrich's family have feuded over this land for years.

In the courts, Ulrich is legally made the owner of the narrow strip of land. Georg has never agreed to the court's decision in the matter:

The characters in ‘‘The Interlopers,’’ Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym, have been enemies since birth. Their grandfathers feuded over a piece of forestland. While the courts ruled in the Gradwitz family's favor, the Znaeym family has never accepted this ruling. Throughout the course of Ulrich and Georg's lifetime, the feud has grown into a personal, bloodthirsty one.

This narrow strip of land is guarded so carefully because it is good for game. That is one reason the men fight over this land:

The forest that Saki creates in ‘‘The Interlopers" is wild and untamable; it is held in the thrall of nature and her creatures.

The land is good for hunting wild game. Both men claim ownership. Both men desire to have the land because it is so filled with wild game for hunting. No doubt, the land is to be desired because of the possibility of shooting the wild creatures that fill it. The land is to be desired by both Ulrich and Georg.