Why is this book called "Whale Talk?"

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T.J.'s father believes that whales have a superior form of communication, and subsequently a richer more honest life than humans.   

The book is called "Whale Talk," because T.J.'s father mentions that he wishes that he was a whale, because whales communicate with one another in a very straightforward manner.

"One day, T. J. finds his father, depressed and alone in his room listening to a tape of whales talking to one another. His father explains that whales send messages which are not edited; whales do not attempt to protect other whales from the realities of life;"

"Whale Talk is transmitted as it is felt to all whales for miles around. T. J.'s father explains that, consequently, whales know what it means to be a whale, unlike many humans who never discover what it is to be human."



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