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In order for the World State to maintain a completely comfortable, stable society, the State must biologically engineer and condition infants to accept their specified roles in society while simultaneously making them economically productive individuals. The conditioning processes not only result in a passive, obedient population but also influence each individual to become a loyal consumer, which benefits the capitalist economic system. In the World State, infants are subjected to hypnopaedia conditioning as they sleep in order for them to accept and enjoy their given caste. In the Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms, infants are also conditioned to develop a distaste for nature and books by receiving mild electric shocks when they are presented with flowers and novels. The Director explains that nurturing an affinity for nature in infants is not economically sensible because nature is free and enjoying the natural environment does contribute to the consumption of goods. Literature also encourages lower-caste citizens to improve their social status, which will destabilize the highly-structured, efficient society. The infants are also conditioned to accept and enjoy sex with multiple partners by engaging in erotic play activities in order for them to develop an affinity for free, unrestricted physical interactions when they become adults. Overall, the World State finds it necessary to maintain a stable, comfortable, economically efficient society by biologically engineering infants and conditioning them to become passive, loyal consumers.

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