Why the farmer was a greedy and unfeeling man?

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Gulliver gets stranded in Brobdingnag when he goes ashore in a longboat with a group of sailors. They need to fetch water, and he wants to explore, so he separates from them once they reach land. When they spot one of the country's giant inhabitants, they race back to the ship as quickly as they can, stranding Gulliver there alone. He hides in a cornfield and is compelled to make himself known to one of the workers when his situation becomes too unsafe; this worker takes Gulliver to the farmer. Gulliver spends some weeks in the farmer's home, learning the language and entertaining the family.

Eventually, this farmer carries Gulliver to a nearby town to show him off and collect money from an audience for the privilege of seeing the tiny man. Gulliver reports that he is shown so often that he felt "half dead with weariness and vexation." Soon, the farmer begins to show Gulliver at his own house and resolves to take Gulliver to the biggest cities to make even more money. They journey for ten weeks, and Gulliver performs in eighteen towns. The more money the farmer gets from showing Gulliver, the more greedy he becomes, wanting more and more money. Gulliver grows extremely ill and is "almost reduced to a skeleton" as a result of his grueling work and travel schedule. Rather than give him a rest, the farmer sees that he ought to try to make as much money off Gulliver as he can before Gulliver dies. He is, therefore, quite unfeeling.

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