Why is it that no matter who I sleep directly beside, they sweat profusely? My husband does, my kids do, anyone I lay beside and we fall asleep, they are dripping in sweat when they wake up.  I know my body temperature rises when I sleep. I get very toasty, like a furnace.  But I don't sweat at all.

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The fact that you only mention your husband and your children suggests that the problem likely has absolutely nothing to do with you.  It has been suggested that excessive sweating during sleep can be genetic.  It is usually considered completely harmless.  As a matter of comfort, one practical solution is to have the person who sweats simply use fewer (or lighter) blankets and wear light weight clothing.  Obviously when two bodies are sleeping next to one another, there will be more heat between them.  If you are the only one who is negatively affected by the sweat and heat, you could also try placing a pillow between you and the other person.

Though it might be nothing at all, excessive sweating at night can also be the result of reactions to medication, illness/infection, stress, major hormonal changes (such as menopause), or diabetes.  Again, many of these causes do not seem to relate to "husband" nor "children," but if you are worried about it, I suggest you talk to a medical professional.

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