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Why did tensions arise between American settlers and American Indians when gold was discovered at Pike’s Peak?

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The discovery of gold at Pike's Peak led to increased tensions between the Native Americans and the American people. The American settlers wanted to move to the land around Pike's Peak to mine the gold, but the Native Americans didn’t want the settlers to take their land.

Native Americans and the settlers had different views on the use of land and land ownership. Native Americans believed the land belonged to everybody. There was no individual ownership of land. Also, Native Americans believed the land should be treated with respect, not used for profit. The settlers believed land should be privately owned. Settlers also believed it was acceptable to take minerals from the land to sell at a profit.

The growing dispute over land ownership and land usage led to conflicts between the settlers and Native Americans. The settlers believed the Native Americans were holding back the progress of the United States. The Native Americans were trying to preserve their land and their way of life. In the end, the Native Americans lost many of the battles with the U.S. Army and were forced onto reservations.

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