Why does Telemachus need to go to see Nestor in books 1, 2, and 3?

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Telemachus travels to see Nestor—who he speaks to in Book 3—because he wants to know more information about where his father is.

Athena is the one who sends Telemachus on the journey to see Nestor, though his palace is only the first stop. He's supposed to travel to see Menelaus next. If he finds out his father is alive, he has to come home and wait for his father while Odysseus makes his way home. If he discovers that Odysseus has perished, however, he is supposed to come home, observe the proper mourning rituals, and then make his mother marry another.

Nestor, King of Pylos, is a soldier who fought in the Trojan War, much like Odysseus, Telemachus's father. Since they fought together, Telemachus believes that Nestor might have information about Odysseus's whereabouts. Nestor says that he left without hearing the fates of the others. He has heard of some men who returned home since then but he doesn't know about Odysseus.

Nestor is a wise, elderly statesman who Telemachus visits in...

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