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We have, as part of our human nature, an unashamed desire to see a need for something and design a tool to accomodate or facilitate that need.  I like to work on mechanical projects, things that involve nuts and bolts, that you have to use wrenches and socket sets with.  Once, I had a nut that was frozen tight with rust, nothing worked to loosen it. I found my rotary Dremel tool had a "cutting wheel" that I could cut the nut off the bolt.  Technology is like that, it is a series of electronic devices, each one supposedly better than the one it came after at making some specific work-task easier.  The shift from work being more mechanical to more digital and manipulated with the myriad of cell phones, computers, laptops, and now tablets has been slow but progressive.  Along with that shift has come a dependence that has fueled the fire.  We now have generations of students who can't do basic math without a calculator; gone are the days of knowing your "times tables" through the number 12, with 12 x 12 = 144!  This dependence has escalated to the insane level of people not being able to exist without their cell phone, even to the point of going to the restroom. 

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