Why Syrian people should read "the sniper" short story?

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I think people, regardless of what country they are from, should read "The Sniper" because of what it says about war, violence, and the consequences of both.

This question specifically asks about Syria, and "The Sniper" is an especially appropriate story for Syrian people to read, as well. The reason for that is because Syria is in the middle of their own civil war. The violence in Syria has been going on since 2011, and hundreds of thousands of people have died. Because the Syrian war is a civil war, it is certainly possible that brothers have been pitted against each other in combat. That is what "The Sniper" is about. One sniper kills another sniper only to find out that he has shot and killed his brother. The short story does a great job of showing the familial repercussions of such a war, and it could potentially be beneficial for Syrian people to read a story that reminds them that their enemy was once a "brother."

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