In Ender's Game, why is it surprising to have racial and enthic sterotypes in Ender's Battle School in the futuristic setting? Explain please !! :)

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In Ender's Game, the students in the Battle School are still students with all the racial and ethnic stereotypes still operating within the groups.  As the above answer explains, you would think in such an advanced society, prejudice would not happen.  However, because Ender is to be a military leader, he is deliberately isolated, just as other commanders are.  To be a miltary commander means that you must think for yourself, never believing that anyone else can rescue you.  The bullying, racism and ethnic slurs happen because the students are fighting to be the best, to be the leader of an army, to be the commander of the armies of the Battle School. One way they see to get ahead is to make everyone else less than themselves.  Petra, a girl no less, is also one of those teased,  but helps Ender find his way.  Bonzo, the military commander of the student Salamander army, picks on Ender constantly, resulting in his unfortunate death by Ender.  I think if you put that many students in one place, pit them against each other to see who is the best, and encourage the isolation of leadership, stereotypes of every kind would be the expectation. 

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There are a few reasons why it may seem surprising to have racial and ethnic stereotypes in Ender's Battle School, especially in a futuristic setting.

First, stereotypical behavior is limited behavior. In a futuristic society, we would assume that primitive behaviors such as stereotyping and racial separation would be extinguished, after all, as society moves into a faster and more intellectual future the need to come together as one united...

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