Why is the supreme madness of the carnival season an appropriate setting for "The Cask of Amontillado"?

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The Carnival season makes it absolutely appropriate that Montresor goes out in public wearing a costume that renders him difficult to identify. When he and Fortunato begin to walk toward his house, Montresor puts on "a mask of black silk, and draw[s] a roquelaire," or a long and concealing cloak, around himself. This way, when people realize that Fortunato is missing, no one will be able to say later that they last saw him with Montresor. Also, Carnival has a party atmosphere, and so most people would probably be drinking, and this would make their recalling that Fortunato was headed toward Montresor's house even less likely.

Further, it is because of the Carnival season that Montresor knows his servants will all be away from home. He says,

I had told...

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