Why is studying inportant other than money

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is far more to be gained from studying than just money! Studying is meant to lead to learning, and the benefits of learning are many. 

First, there is a built-in human desire to learn.  When we learn something, it satisfies actual pleasure centers in our brains.  And the harder we have to study to do so, the more challenging it is, the greater the pleasure is.  Second, our learning allows us to participate in the discourse of learned people everywhere, a kind of passport that provides us with entree into many circles that we could otherwise not enter.  Third, learning provides us with the wherewithal to get along better with people, which allows us greater satisfaction in our personal and professional lives.  Fourth, learning allows us to enter worlds we would otherwise know nothing about, allowing us to travel through time and space to learn about other places and peoples. Who would not want to do this? Fifth, as we learn more about other worlds, other cultures, other points of view, it teaches us empathy and tolerance, true benefits that serve us well for all our lives. Sixth, learning, no matter what it is, teaches us self-discipline, which is an important skill, no matter what we apply it to, not just to make money.  Seventh, learning gives us insight into ourselves in many cases, which contributes to satisfaction in our lives. 

I have students who ask why they should study.  And my response is always that I have never learned anything that has gone to waste.  Money is important, to be sure, but there is much in life that is far more important. 

annepeiris15 | Student

In life, an individual might get the opportunity to earn money both in positive and negative ways. At times without understanding one tends to take and risk short cuts in life's journey of earning and living. And a day would arrive when you can no longer resort to such quick practices. Life is short but precious and every effort must be taken to learn and educate yourself. Education and the wisdom you gain through education provide you multiple opportunities to decide on which path to take; which job to select and how to make a living. Indirectly, it will enlighten you on life's decisive moments.