Why is studying geography relevant in 2016?  

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Although currently falling out of favor in public education, geography is still a very relevant subject in the 21st century.  With the increased globalization of the marketplace, it is important to know about various cultures and countries.  More and more Americans are expected to share the workplace with individuals around the globe.  In order for global business interactions to run smoothly, employees are expected to understand the nuances of cultural diversity.  Furthermore, geographic knowledge is often used by corporations to decide on business locations and sales markets. 

Map reading skills, typically taught in Geography, are increasingly important as we have a variety of maps available to us through the internet and various mobile applications.   With a smart phone, individuals can instantly see a map of their destination with a few clicks. 

Geographical knowledge is extremely important in our future as we search for solutions to some of our current world issues.  A clear grasp of geography is needed to examine our current climate change crisis.  Solutions to our future energy needs also require an in-depth knowledge of available energy sources at various locations.  The understanding and importance of conserving our natural resources is an important component of geographical studies. 

Although the need to memorize state capitals or fill in countries on a blank map may be obsolete skills in our current reality, knowledge about various cultures and geographical locations will still be valuable as we move into the future. 

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