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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Religions often offer hope. With the current condition of man capable of gaining so much materially, man still finds himself unfulfilled. Religion can offer a spiritual promise of fulfillment that cannot be obtained through material gain or satisfaction. 

Understanding religions will help give credence to the motives of various people groups. If you can understand what people believe, you will understand why they do what they do. Often, something that is considered an act of moral sin in one belief system can be an act of righteous behavior in another. 

Religion offers another shade of history. Actually, religions have provoked most major conflict in history. Look at the crusades. Look at the Holocaust. Consider why people groups immigrate. Consider the current conflict between Iran and Israel. 

Religions offer reasons for why and how the state of the earth exists as it is today. Creation stories come from varieties of religions. When history or science can't explain a phenomenon, like a miraculous recovery in the medical field, religion is often cited for reasoning through the unexplainable. 

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two distinct types of reasons for studying religion.

First, if one is religious, studying religion can be an important way of improving oneself.  A person who wishes to live in the way that God would wish might want to study religion so as to better understand God’s will.  In this way, the study of religion could be an act of faith.

Second, from a more secular point of view, it is important to study religion because so many people are influenced by religious belief.  In America, the Civil Rights Movement was strongly affected by the religious beliefs of those who participated in it.  The current debates over such things as abortion and gay marriage are strongly influenced by religion.  If we are to understand our world, then, we must understand religion and its influence on people.  In this way, the study of religion could come from a desire to better understand human societies.

mailtogaurav | Student


1  self realisation

2  Attain mental peace

3  to know roles of religion in our daily life .

4  to gain the ability to judge

5  to know our cultures and society in a better way .

6  to arise from worldly desires .

7  to know yor responsbilties .

8  to change ourselves and make ourselves pure from within .