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Nutrition is a field of growing interest to many people. At the base, it is about learning and understanding how the body uses food for energy and how best to provide for the body's needs through a balanced diet. Considering the many diet-related conditions in contemporary society—such as diabetes and obesity—it is increasingly valuable for someone to be able to advise correct dietary choices. In addition, with the numerous limited diets that people may choose, a nutrition background is essential in ensuring that the body's needs are met. Vegans, for example, can benefit from studying nutrition to make sure they are getting all the essential nutrients from their food choices.

Food is, essentially, medicine. By choosing the best foods for your body's needs, you can reduce health problems, optimize your body's performance, and feel energetic. On the other hand, poor nutrition can cause a litany of problems. Most people have a vested interest in staying healthy and feeling their best. Therefore, studying nutrition is an interesting career move. Some nutritionists work as private consultants, advising athletes and actors. Others work for hospitals to ensure that patients have access to proper foods. Still others can help design menus for schools or businesses.

Nutrition blends biology—understanding the human body—with medicine, and, of course, food science, into a valuable and interesting field.

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