Why is the story called "Raymond's Run" instead of Squeaky's run?

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Besides the aliteration in the title "Raymond Runs," sounds better than Squeak's Run, "As the title suggests, not only Hazel’s but Raymond’s run has implications for both characters. The title points not only to Raymond’s own potential as an athlete, but also to Hazel’s intuitive recognition of his possibilities, a recognition that redefines her. " 

"When Hazel, is in the May race, she looks over and sees Raymond running along the outside of the fense.  She is able to see him in a new way.  Raymond is not just modeling her, but ‘‘running in his very own style.’’ Through him, her difficult and somewhat lonely struggle to define herself suddenly widens to include a connection that empowers them both. The realization of Raymond’s potential, something that has always been there, enriches Hazel’s sense of her own possibilities."

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