Why does Steve keep a journal and write a screenplay about his trial?

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Throughout the novel, Steve Harmon documents his experience on trial for his life in a screenplay that he will title MonsterThe reader learns that Steve is interested in filmmaking and excels in his film class at school. Steve Harmon's screenplay about his experience in jail is also a way for him to occupy his mind. Steve mentions that he absolutely hates jail and is always afraid. He says,

"I can hardly think about the movie, I hate this place so much. But if I didn't think of the movie I would go crazy" (Myers 49).

As the novel progresses, Steve focuses more and more on the movie he is making. Steve documents everything that takes place in the courtroom and elaborates on specific scenes in jail. He comments that the movie is important to him and wishes that his actual situation was only a movie. The screenplay provides Steve with a purpose and relieves his stress during a difficult time in a violent environment.

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