Why do some vampires in Twilight have red eyes but the Cullens have golden eyes?

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Vampires are meant to drink human blood. It is natural instinct, and most do it. The vampires that refrain from consuming humans and consume animal blood instead are the Cullens; they are the peaceful vampires. Vampires who normally drink human blood have red eyes, and get dull when they become thirsty. Unlike them, the Cullens' eyes grow a dark brown when they need more, and turn into a lighter, creamier golden once hunger is fulfilled. The Cullen family, however, has to feed more because animal blood doesn't satisfy their thirst as long as human blood would.

akasha124 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the "Twilight Saga" mythos, vampires with red eyes indicate that the vampire has eaten human blood, which is why James' coven has red eyes as well as the Volturi.

If a vampire has only had animal blood ("vegetarianism" as the Cullens say), like Edward's family, their eyes would be golden.

A newly embraced vampire would have red eyes for a time even if he or she only eats animal blood after becoming a vampire because he or she has consumed human blood in order to make the change.

All vampires' eyes become black when hungry.

sid-sarfraz | Student

Well as told in the book, vampires eyes colour depend on whose blood they drink. 

Vampires with red eyes are the ones who feed on human blood that is drink human blood. 

Whereas vampires with golden eyes call themselves vegetarians as they drink animal blood, lion or deer etc. It doesn't mean that theythey don't like human blood. It simply means that they avoid human blood in order to prove them humans avoiding innocent deaths.

zumba96 | Student

Those who have red eyes are those who drink animal blood or are fresh vampires. The Cullens are 'vegetarian' and drink animal blood and through the years of conquering their want for human blood they were able to have gold controlled eyes. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Red eyes are an indication of people who choose to have a human blood diet. Where in my opinion human blood amounts for the desire and sin that comes along with choosing a human diet since the only two choices are that the vampire who is feasting kills them or risk making another vampire that could possibly become out of control.

Golden eyes are an indication of those who choose to have a animal blood diet as opposed to the human. In my opinion gold signifies restraint and control within those who choose to go against the traditional blood diet since those who choose this diet are never truly satiated and continue to have burning throats. All while living amongst humans.

crystaltu001 | Student

Because they only feed on animal blood unlike the vampires with the red eyes, they feed on human blood

user6857509 | Student

whic kinda animal you sould eat

dancergirl14 | Student

the cullens do not have re eyes because it's mainly newborns that have the blood red eyes. Also the author tells us that it's because they don't eat human blood that the blood isn't as strong and it doesn't satisfy them that's why the don't have bloodshot eyes

ginamarieeeex3 | Student

The Cullen's are "vegetarian" vampires. Thats what they call them selfs, they only drink the blood of animals. The other vampires like the Volturi or the Denali clan are "regular vampires" and drink human blood.

wallice-higurashi | Student

Theeye colour is like that because "we only survive on the blood of anamal's" if they were to drink human blood the same effict whould happen only it whould take mutch mutch longer, the anamal's blood seams to dilute it only that mutch faster

alicecullen92 | Student

because the Cullen's feed of Animal Blood and the other Vampires feed off of humans

laurenalexandra17 | Student

It al depends on their diet. When the vampires in twilight are 'born' their eyes are bright red. If they choose to live off human blood their eyes will deepen but stay red. However, if they choose to live off animal, this will dilute the colour of their eyes. So, shae-by-shade, their eyes will change until they end up golden. Xx

hicks1ce | Student

Because the Cullens are trying to protect the Humans since they are "vegetarian" vampires. The other vampires hunt humans, while the Cullens on the other hand hunt animals, which makes them "vegetarian"

mstokes | Student

In the books by Stephanie Myer it tells us that one theory  is that the Cullen’s (the ones with golden eyes) are "vegetarians" or refrain from hunting humans, instead they hunt animals. Because of this they have developed a different eye colour from those vampires that hunt humans. In short, it is a  symbol of Cullen's more peaceful or moral lifestyle. When the Cullen’s are thirsty their eyes go black.