Why do sociologists find it important to differentiate between sex and gender? What importance does the differentiation have in modern society?

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Sociologists nowadays differentiate between sex and gender. This is deemed important, because there is a very significant difference between these two expressions. Sex only refers to someone’s biological and genetic sex, it is merely based on biological facts. A person with female genitalia and DNA is of female sex and a person with male genitalia and DNA is of male sex.

Gender, on the other hand, is not determined by biological factors. Gender is the term referred to when it comes to identification. Some people might be of female sex, for example, but they might identify as male in terms of gender. The term gender has become a lot more fluent, some people identify as several genders or even as gender-neutral.

Therefore, it is very important to distinguish between sex and gender sociologically.

Within our modern society, this differentiation is more and more leading to a situation where people are less influenced by stereotypical gender roles, it is becoming less important whether a...

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