In Animal Farm, why are Snowball's various projects, except the reading and writing classes, considered a failure?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are a couple of reasons why Snowball's various projects fail.  The first would be that Snowball aimed too high.  The days following the revolution were fragile ones, at best.  The animals were just learning how to adapt to a world where they are their own supposed masters, learning how to function in a post- Jones world.  Snowball's efforts at committee work, organizing the animals into subgroups that were focused on a particular task failed to embrace the moment in which he and the other animals were immersed.  There was so much wonderment about a world in which Jones and humans were not in existence that it did not make sense for the animals to focus on the minutia of committee work and logistics.  The animals were too overwhelmed with the instant, reflected by how much harvest was brought back within the first couple of days.  At the same time, Snowball was not operating with the full force of the pigs' support.  Napoleon was more concerned with raising the puppies for his own benefit.  At the same time, everything that Snowball proposed, Napoleon rejected and the opposite became true, as well.  This lack of support made fledgling projects near impossible to fully develop and mature.  In both of these reasons, Snowball's various projects could be considered as failures.