Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

Animal Farm book cover
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In Animal Farm, why are Snowball and Boxer decorated? How do each feel about their successes?

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Snowball and Boxer are decorated for being heroes in the Battle of Cowshed.  A struggle between the animals on the farm and humans who storm the farm in an effort to reclaim it.

Snowball is hit with gunfire from Mr. Jones gun and is awarded a medal, Animal Hero, First Class.  Boxer also fights with great courage in the battle.  Boxer is one animal on the farm who really believes in animalism and always says that he will work harder.

Snowball is very proud of his medal; he is inspired by the victory and states that all animals should be ready to die for Animal Farm.  Snowball is also energized by the victory, his medal and the progress that Animal Farm is making.

Boxer, having fought with great determination and strength believes that he killed a stable boy.  The horse goes over to the limp boy who is lying on the ground and feels a great sense of remorse for having killed him.   Boxer does not have the heart to be part of a battle or war.   

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jessie1990 | Student

To  me when Boxer showed remorse for killing it showed that he was very compassionate and did not really believe in killing even if it was for protection and i also believe that he felt upset that just because he killed some one he should not have been rewarded

Snowball on the other hand was just happy to be acknowledged