Why is it significant that "To Kill a Mockingbird" opens with children's games? i.e. jem races his peers to the radley house and how they play 'boo radley' and mock him

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This novel revolves around children, and it is written by one of those children who is now an adult. She tells her story and the life lessons she learned in those 3 short years in a small town in Alabama.  So beginning the story with childhood games is very important.  We are introduced to the scary Boo Radley this way, and it helps us realize who he is, what he is, and the rumors that surround him through not only the children, but through adults like Miss Stephanie Crawford.  Although not a major character until the end of the novel, Boo is a central character and introducing him and his background in the first chapter is essential to his importance in the story.

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