Why is it significant that Don Pedro and his men are returning from a war?

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The aftermath of war is significant in that it establishes the main characters, giving us an insight into their various personalities. Immediately, we can see that Don Pedro is a take charge guy who likes to control the lives of those around him, just as he did with his soldiers during the war. We can also see that his half-brother Don John the Bastard does not enjoy a particularly good relationship with Don Pedro on account of his having been vanquished in the recent conflict. It's quite some time before the full measure of Don John's resentment towards his half-brother is revealed, but even at the outset it's safe to assume that all's not well between the two men.

The backdrop of war is also significant in that it establishes the various conflicts that will develop throughout the play. The first scene introduces us to the witty verbal sparring between Beatrice and Benedick, a notable feature of the play. In its own way, this epic battle of wits shares certain similarities with Don...

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