Why does Sidi choose Baroka at the end of the The Lion and the Jewel?

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Sidi chooses to marry Baroka because he has proved himself the most skillful at playing upon her vanity. Sidi is indeed a very vain woman, especially after she sees her photos in a magazine—then she becomes a full-blown narcissist, positively obsessed with her good looks. It becomes clear, from then on, that whoever can control Sidi's image will get to control her.

Enter Baroka. He offers to put Sidi's image on a postage stamp, something that will be of great benefit to both of them. Sidi is excited at the prospect, as it will disseminate her great beauty to a much wider audience than the magazine. Sidi is so blinded by her own unconquerable vanity that she fails to see that it's Baroka who'll get the best out of the deal. Sidi's decision to marry...

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