Why shouldn't have Brutus killed Julius Caesar?  

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Brutus allows Cassius to manipulate him into believing that Julius Caesar is an ambitious man with hopes of someday usurping power and ruling Rome as a tyrant. Cassius is aware of Brutus's honorable disposition and goes to great lengths to convince him that Caesar is a threat. Cassius not only appeals to Brutus's honor but also has false letters strategically placed in his home warning against Caesar's tyranny. Despite Cassius's moving arguments, Julius Caesar never overtly states his intentions in the play of ruling Rome as a monarch and Brutus has no evidence that clearly illustrates Caesar's ambitious nature. Brutus even says,

I have not known when his affections swayed More than his reason (Shakespeare, 2.1.20-21).

However, Brutus ends up joining the conspirators and assassinates Julius Caesar in hopes of preventing Rome from future tyranny.

Unfortunately, Caesar's...

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