Why should you wear safety glasses during a lab?

Expert Answers
gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Safety glasses are one of the PPEs (or personal protective equipment) and are necessary for protecting our eyes while working in the laboratory. They are especially important when working with something containing small fragments; liquid and anything that may evaporate and convert to a gaseous phase (so that means pretty much everything in the lab with some exceptions). When working in the laboratory it is necessary that the lab user follow safety protocols for their own as well as others' safety. Solids containing small fragments, such as chemical salt, may be accidentally spilled and can enter our eyes by accident. Similarly, liquids, especially boiling liquid, can be accidentally spilled and harm our eyes. A similar scenario could arise when fumes generated from liquid (say boiling sulfuric acid), can spill and enter our eyes. To protect ourselves against all such contingencies, we should wear protective glasses in the lab.

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