Why should women be permitted to serve in the military?Please answer why you think woman should serve the country. (I already know why they shouldn't) Thanks!

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I feel that anyone who would ask such a question is out of touch with modern reality.  Women have always served in the military...in the U.S. and most other countries.  It is only the role of women in the military that has recently comen under discussion.

Traditionally, women have been excluded from combat roles, and until recently were banned from Naval warships.

Today, women serve side by side with men in support and combat roles.  There are now female combat pilots in the Air Force, Marines and Navy.  And so far, there have been no problems.

Women in combat have been wounded and captured.  Again, there were no problems experienced by the women different from those suffered by the men.

Clearly, women belong in the military.  And the nature of their participation need be no different from that of their male counterparts.

Frankly, I would find an all male military somewhat odd and creepy.  Why would any social group, corporation or collective endeavor chose to exclude one sex?

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Why shouldn't they? If a woman wants to serve her country, she should be able to do so. I recently heard of a recent study showing that when men and women are put together to solve a problem, the results are better than when there is a group of just men or of just women. It has something to do with the different perspectives that women can bring to the group because they are allowed to see gray areas of situations rather than just black and white. With that said, doesn't it make sense to allow people (women), who may be able to bring a different perspective into a situation, to serve in the military? Speaking in generalities, women may not have the physical strength that all men do; however, there is something to be said about the brain power, different perspective, and sheer willpower that a woman can bring. I'd be much more comfortable knowing a well-rounded military was helping to protect me rather than just one of pure male brute strength.

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The only reason women were prevented from military service before was because they felt women were weaker and they didn't want to deal with segregating the women and men.  Women have proved they are just as capable of men.  They are not a weaker group.  It is true that women and men in general have different areas where they excel.  However, this is all the more reason to allow women to serve our country.  Women will be able to bring a different perspective and different strengths to the military.  They will strengthen and not weaken the group as a whole.  Yes, allowing women into the service means there will have to be some segregation among the troops (separate facilities and such), but that is no reason to exclude them from serving and protecting our country.

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Women have already proved, most recently in these last two very long wars, that they have every capability to serve alongside men in the military and in combat.  In our increasingly technical military, sheer physical strength and endurance matter less and less all the time.  Women have proven themselves to be just as effective as men as pilots and tank drivers.  Most recently, the US government decided to allow women to serve alongside men in nuclear submarines for months at a time.

There has never been a difference in intellectual capability between men and women, American policy and social attitudes are just now catching up to that reality.

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As the post above mentions, women have long served in the military--not always, however in America.  They were not in the Revolutionary War or the War of 1812.  Some disguised themselves in the Civil War, it is true; however, it is not until the 20th century that they wore uniforms and served.  The more recent admission of them into combat in the 1970s has raised questions.  This act has brought into debate the psychological and physical differences of men and women.  And, it is in these areas that debate occurs. 

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If a woman feels that she "made of the right stuff" and has a calling to the military service then she is very likely to be good for the job. Being in the military, like many professions, takes a certain kind of personality, and women are just as likely to be successful as men in many military roles. I do suspect though that women have a harder time proving themselves in such a traditionally dominated field.

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I don't see any reason why women cannot physically or mentally do anything a man cannot do. Maybe we should consider having units of all women, all men, or all homosexuals. Maybe women and homosexuals would mix better. Regardless, if the best argument against them serving in combat is that others will be uncomfortable, that seems to solve the problem.
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One reason is that service in the military now often demands great intelligence, not simply brute physical strength. Many women may possess the latter, but many, many more possess the former. During a time of great danger to our country, it seems very sensible to allow as many people to serve who are highly qualified and greatly willing to serve.