Why should we wear uniforms in school?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is one of the most popular discussions in many schools today. Students, desiring their individuality, speak out against school uniforms. Administration, seeking solidarity and minimization of clothing infractions, speaks out in favor of school uniforms.

There tend to be two very strong points in favor of school uniforms. First, school uniforms will allow teachers and administration to not deal with as many clothing infractions. Essentially, students forced to wear school uniforms may alter their uniform in some way in order to show their individuality (not buttoning the shirt completely or rolling the waistlines to make skirts shorter). Second, a person not in uniform stands out in a crowded hallway. With the fear circulating after Sandy Hook (school shooting), administrators and teachers alike are looking for better ways to secure schools.

broscover | Student

The biggest argument for me in favor of wearing uniforms in school is that, without the distractions of clothing it can potentially lead to more learning. If all the students are wearing the same thing then it should make it easier to focus on the more important tasks, like being a productive student.

Another positive reason to wear uniforms is that if everyone is in the same clothes school bullying would be drastically reduced. Now I don't think that it will go away all together but it will cut it down. It gives children who might be doing the bullying less ammunition to be cruel to other people.

Another reason that wearing uniforms is a good thing is it will save most families money and time buying school clothes.

The last reason to wear uniforms in school is it can potentially make a school more secure. If everyone is in the same thing it makes it harder for any individual to be singled out.