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Medea is an ancient Greek tragedy that was written by the ancient Greek poet and dramatist Euripides. It is based on the mythological story of Jason and Medea and their tragic relationship. There are a number of different reasons why Medea is a good choice of play to teach.

First of all, from a historic perspective, it is worthwhile to teach a play that was written in ancient Greece, because through the play, we can teach our students about life in ancient Greece. This also allows us to shed more light onto how ancient Greek theatre was performed. As this is quite different from theatre today (illustrated, for example, by the fact that there were no female actresses, and instead, all roles were played by male actors), this makes it a very interesting lesson for students. Furthermore, as Medea is based on Greek mythology: this also makes it interesting from a mythological point of view.

From the perspective of a teacher of theatre studies, Medea is also a good play to choose, as it is an example of a slightly unusual tragedy. In a classical tragedy, the hero is typically experiencing misfortune caused by their own fatal flaw, which is also referred to as a hamartia. However, this is not the case in Medea, which makes it more interesting to study.

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