Why should the Texas governor have more power?

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The governor of Texas is one of the least empowered executives of any state in the country. This is largely by design, as the drafters of the Texas Constitution were worried that a strong state government could infringe on the independence of Texans. It is the legislature and the lieutenant governor who have the most control over which bills find their way to the governor's desk. The governor does not even have much oversight over the various departments within the executive branch.

While there are many Texans who favor this system, there are others who would like to have a more powerful executive heading the state. They argue that this arrangement has created a system that is unwieldy. Government agencies often operate out of sync with each other, and matters can get tied up in unnecessary bureaucracy. A more powerful governor might be able to better streamline and coordinate the processes of running the state.

Ultimately, being an elected position, the governor is accountable to the...

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