Why should the Texas governor have more power?Why should the Texas governor have more power?

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In all honesty, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas has more power than the Governor of Texas.  That alone should be enough to grant the office more power.  Texas is very much against big government, and it is reflected in the power given to our Governor.  I agree with pretty much everything listed in the post above.

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The governor of Texas generally has less in the way of power than most state governors do.  You could argue that governors ought to have more power so that the state can be run more efficiently.

Perhaps the clearest example of the weakness of Texas' governor is the state's plural executive.  In this system, the governor has to share executive power with a group of other officials who are not elected and who do not have to obey the governor.  This means that any major changes that the governor tries to make have to be approved by the rest of the executive.  Those people cannot overturn laws, but they can have a great influence on how the laws are carried out by the ways in which they run their parts of the executive branch.

The system of government in Texas gives the governor very little power and that makes the state much harder to run and to change than it would be if the governor had greater powers.

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