Why should shakespeare plays not be taught in High Schools? I am doing a debate with a couple of my class mates. I have searched the web for many diffrent reasons why it should not be taught in high schools and there is more reasons about why it should be taught. ANY HELP ?

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You could most effectively argue that it should not be taught because the language is just too arcane for students to understand. I love Shakespeare, but teaching it requires spending a lot of time simply translating it. It's probably not the most effective use of high school English time.

I prefer to have the class do a lot of "watching" Shakespeare and just a little reading when we do Romeo or Caesar or Macbeth.

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The modern classroom is all about being relevant and meaningful to students.  Most students would agree that Shakespeare does not feel very relevant to them; the language is out-dated and difficult.  Like the above post mentioned, many comparable, more accessible works with similar themes could be used to replace any of Shakespeare's plays. 

You could also argue the time constraint of teaching Shakespeare in the classroom.  This is a real difficulty that many teachers face; because his works are so involved and higher level, they naturally require more time spent on them in the classroom.  In the modern classroom with shorter periods and more emphasis on state testing, many teachers find themselves hard-pressed to carve out enough time to address the Bard properly.


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I agree with post 3. If you want to establish a strong debate argument, you could easily take all the points on your opponents side and suggest something other than Shakespeare that could be taught in its place, that would provide the same benefit.

Difficult to fight against Shakespeare, as he's sort of the "god" of many things literary, but just because he pioneered so many outstanding trends in writing and acting, doesn't mean others have not come after him who have done it just as well.

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The main argument that you can make is that it's not really giving you anything that other stuff could not give you.  There are plenty of other pieces of literature that give you the same life lessons and insights into the human condition without being written in such archaic and difficult to understand language.

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There are several reasons why Shakespeare should not be taught in high schools.  Here are a few:

  1. It’s violent.  (I defy you to find a play without some violence)
  2. There are mature sexual themes.
  3. The language is old-fashioned and difficult for kids to understand.
  4. Plays are meant to be performed, not read.

Sometimes it's helpful to just look around the internet and get some ideas.  Here is a site with many viewpoints.  Remember, this is not a credible site to use as evidence, but it's to get you thinking.


On the Pro side, you could include examples of how Shakespeare can be reimagined.  Here is an article about Shakespeare taught with technology.


Here is an enotes discussion on whether or not Shakespeare is relevant today.


Here is another debate about why it should not be taught in schools.



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