Why should William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet not be in the 9th grade curriculum? 

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This is a matter of opinion, and many people will argue the opposite idea. (And of course, Romeo and Juliet is a staple of many 9th grade reading lists.) But here are a few ideas if you needed to support this view that it shouldn't be used in 9th grade classrooms.

1. Romeo and Juliet provides a very poor model of romantic love to teenagers who are just now coming of age and forming an understanding of what romantic love is. For ninth graders who are mostly fourteen and fifteen years old, they're reading a culturally celebrated text that seems to indicate that:

A. It's okay to fall in love with someone and make a commitment to that person just based on how beautiful that person is

B. It's okay to marry someone after only knowing them for less than a day

C. When things don't go smoothly in your relationship, you should whine and moan about it to anyone who will listen instead of trying to find a good solution for the problem.

2. Romeo and Juliet also seems to carry the message that suicide is an...

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