Why should the reader care about what happens to Sammy?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main reason the reader should care about what happens to Sammy is because he/she can learn from Sammy's mistake.  As we see into the mind of Sammy and as we see his reactions and actions, we see that Sammy is a typical teenager whose interest is primarily girls.  He is bored with his job and is simply "going through the motions."  Once he decides to defend the girls' treatment to his supervisor/boss, Sammy has sealed his fate.  He quits his job but expects, though, to find the girls outside waiting on him to thank him.  They, though, were not there and he is disappointed his hero fantasy did not come true.  Sammy then realizes that he has probably made a big mistake by quitting his job.  He also realizes that the real world is a very difficult place to be in.  This is the valuable lesson readers can learn from what happened to Sammy. 

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