Why should prisoners be allowed to use the JPay system?

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The JPay system enables incarcerated people to communicate electronically in a secure manner and facilitates financial transactions. There are numerous advantages to using this system, both for the prisons and prisoners, some of which go beyond the financial aspects.

Heightened security is one primary advantage. By providing prisoners with secure access to money, using the system reduces or eliminates the likelihood of introduction of visitor-introduced contraband. Another advantage is that prisoners are better able to meet financial responsibilities. Furthermore, incarceration, especially for those with long sentences, reduces familiarity with technological developments. Using JPay keeps them current with modern banking procedures like those they will use upon release, thereby enhancing their prospects of successful rehabilitation.

While most of the benefits to prisoners apply to the individual who uses the system, it also generates income for the prison system in the form of a percentage of transaction amounts. Some of that income is allocated to a fund that all prisoners can access.

In addition to the financial-literacy benefits, the system generates further positive aspects. Use of JPay also encourages literacy more generally. Improved reading and writing skills further contribute to the prisoners’ likely future rehabilitation. The emotional and mental health benefits include facilitating prisoners’ communication with family and other support network members. Not only engaging in this communication but anticipating this regular activity supports good mental health.

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